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"I saw Michaela today for a massage and was blown away by her knowledge and skill. I used to have a Massage Therapy license as well as having received massages from many reputable places in town. Michaela tops every one I've ever been too! I loved her technique and I felt like she really tuned into my body and what it needed. She works on a lot of athletes and marathoners, which is why I went in the first place. I will be back for sure."

-Kristin E.


"Michaela's massages are incredible! Michaela Keller is one of the best massage therapists and bodyworks therapists in Austin, Texas. She really knows the anatomy of the human body and how each muscle and/or movement affects the rest of your body. She can read how your muscles and fascia are reacting to her touch and works to get your body relaxed or muscles moving again. She really takes the time to assess your body's needs and really cares about her clients. I went for a massage for the first time yesterday with her I'm Austin and already have another appointment booked with her later this month. I look forward to seeing Michaela Keller again in the near future for many more massages and referring plenty more of my friends! "

- Camille Wagner


"Michaela has been able to significantly help me many times! Through pain, pregnancy and just needed a good massage, she's always been the best!"

- Blair Frank


"My experience with Michaela was relaxing and professional. I always feel awkward about getting massages but Michaela made sure that I was comfortable and knew what to expect. I can honestly say that the massage was the best that I have ever had and going to anyone else would just be settling for less. "

- Katherine Ray


"She's so personable, professional, and skilled. Always feel 100x better than when I came in. "

- Carolyn McKenna


"Michaela does amazing work! i have had several great massage therapists over the last 10 years. Today she did something no other has done and i didn't even know it was there to be worked on. Thanks so much for your work on my crazy body. You are a gift to me and would be to anyone who chooses you as their massage therapist!"

-Sarah Thompson


"I would recommend Michaela to anyone without hesitation. I have been going to her for several years now and wouldn't even think about going to anyone else. She is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to massage therapy, the body and health in general. She is very easy and flexible to work with and most importantly she genuinely cares about helping and the well being of her clients. Simply the best!"

- Adrienne Addessi


"Michaela is extremely knowledgeable and an absolute professional. I went to her because after some construction work on my house my left arm was constantly in pain and numb due to what felt like a knot in my back. After talking to her about my frustrations, she pinpointed the issue not to my back, but to an imbalance in my pectorals. After one session that addressed the problem area, the issue was largely eliminated, and after three sessions it is completely gone. Not only did Michaela do a great job and rid me of my pain, she has educated me on the benefits of Massage Therapy, a non-interventionist method of healing the body that I was completely unaware of before! Thanks Michaela!"

- Charles Frank


"As an avid tennis player, I rely heavily on Michaela to help me keep my body relaxed and muscles loose. Her up to date training keeps Michaela above the curve as one of the best massage therapists in the area. I highly recommend her."

- Caren Steele


"Michaela is the best massage therapist I've ever seen! She truly knows about the body and I always walk away feeling a million times better. Plus she is sweet and easy to work with. All of my friends in Austin, TX started using her too and everyone loves her."

- Tara Pottichen


"Michaela is a very gifted therapist. She really knows how the human body works. She's very friendly and caring. I've used her service for more than 4-5 times and every time, she takes care of my problems. She herself is a trained athlete (swimmer) at Olympic level and treats sports injury, she told me. Anyway, I just wanted to give her two-thumbs up!!"

- Masako Wada-Theobald


"It's not always easy to find a massage therapist that knows how to listen to you and your bodies needs. She has that ability to tune in on the problem areas and really work them out.   Michaela did an amazing job and I already have more sessions scheduled.  I would highly recommend her to anyone."

- Andrew Prather


"Michaela is absolutely the best at what she does. Her knowledge, experience, education and dedication to massage is the best I've ever seen. She is pleasant, professional and a very sweet person. She really cares about people and helping them through massage. She is definitely the best in Austin."

- Ellen H.


"My friend and I Just had the most amazing massages ever. My friend has had massages from several places including milk and honey and she said that michaela put them to shame. She is absolutely awesome!!!!!"

- Terri Bumpas


"Michaela is an AWESOME massage therapist! I won't go to anyone else."

- Marijohn Stansbury


"So wednesday I pinched my sciatic nerve and couldn't stand. Thursday I saw Michaela Keller for a 90min session. Today I played a full round of golf with no pain. Enough said."

- David Branscum




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